Industrial Manipulator

A six-axes industrial manipulator IRB 140 (ABB). With S4C control system

Industrial Manipulator

A six-axes industrial manipulator LR Mate 200 (FANUC)

Delta Industrial Robot

​FLEXPICKER IRB340 for high speed manipulation. Handed over by Dulcesol

Ganty Robot

A three-axes industrial robot. With industrial controller. It is based on a real-time operating system .

Industrial Manipulator IRB L6

A five-axes industrial manipulator IRB L6 (ABB). With S2 control system .

Quadro (Autonomous quad-bike)

A gas-powered quad-bike. Its maximum speed is 50 km/h.

Linear camera

AVIVA M40. Its resolution is 8124x1 pixels. It obtains high-resolution images

Color industrial camera

Color industrial camera IPD VA 41 with resolution of 1024x768 pixels. Handed over by Dulcesol

Monochrome Industrial camera

Monochrome Industrial camera Cognex with resolution of 1024x768 pixels

3D Industrial camera PMD 19k

Scene tridimensional images can be taken by this camera

Microscope NIKON X-Cite 120

It allows one to obtain low dimension images, because a camera can be attached